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PASS publication in PLoS NTDs describing the economic and social burden of Buruli ulcer disease in Central Cameroon



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Social Science Research in International Health

What we do

PASS International provides social science research and support to strengthen public health projects and clinical trials.

  • Offering field research, we complement your medical and epidemiological investigation or project’s implementation in the field.
  • We evaluate the current state of interventions and determine potential obstacles to successful implementation. Our targeted research and on site participant observation provide concrete recommendations for administration adjustments and increased effectiveness.
  Areas of Expertise
How we work

PASS International provides services tailored to your needs.

  • As partners for applied social sciences, we  act in interdisciplinary research teams or act independently in close cooperation with client projects.
  • We are specialised in providing field research, consultancies and training courses with flexibility of timing and location.
Areas of Expertise
Our team consists of international experts in epidemiology, anthropology and non-profit management
  • Focused ethnography | Impact assessment | Evaluation and monitoring.
  • Health seeking behaviour | Cultural and social barriers to health care | Cultural acceptability of bio-medicine
  • Cost burden of disease | Household health economy | Social vulnerability.
  • Community mobilization | Participation and empowerment | Health promotion

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