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PASS publication in PLoS NTDs describing the economic and social burden of Buruli ulcer disease in Central Cameroon



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PASS International provides additional support and regular follow-ups to reinforce and maintain public health projects and clinical trials.

We evaluate the current state of interventions in relation to acceptability at the community and institutional levels; investigate and determine potential obstacles and limiting factors for successful implementation; and, provide solid recommendations for administration adjustments based on detailed research and on site participant observation. We maintain continuous contact with client projects to ensure that health interventions meet projected goals and sustain cooperation to ensure that such goals are achievable. We provide conceptual and strategic support to governments, NGOs, Foundations and research institutions.

In particular, we offer:

  • Background information to strengthen your arguments
  • Conceptual guidance for strategic portfolio development
  • Frameworks and models for data collection and analysis
  • Feasibility studies

Our programmes are tailored to your needs:

  • Short term assignments targeted at specific research questions
  • Long term consultancies and backstopping for continuous assessment

PASS Consultancies and Backstopping Projects

Malaria in Pregnancy Publication in PLoS Medicine, based on PASS field research and theoretical analysis:

pdf Malaria in Pregnancy: What Can the Social Sciences Contribute?

Plos Medicine

Malaria and Health Seeking Behaviour: a DCCP Working Paper

pdf Health Seeking Behaviour & the Health System Response

Disease Control Priorities Project

Aids & Africa: Women, Aids and Access to Health Care in Subsaharan Africa. Theoretical Perspectives:

pdf Medical Pluralism in Africa
Medical Pluralism in Africa