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PASS publication in PLoS NTDs describing the economic and social burden of Buruli ulcer disease in Central Cameroon



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Your Partners for International Health

Your Partners for Clinical Trials and Public Health Interventions

  • Social factors determining clinical trial participation and treatment compliance
  • Cultural, social and practical barriers to health care
  • Cultural acceptability and local perceptions of western medicine and health care
  • Focused ethnography targeted to your needs

Flexible & Solid Research

Project Evaluation and Backstopping

  • Assessment of clinic trial participation and outcomes
  • Acceptability of trial interventions in non-trial conditions
  • Project evaluation and impact assessment of public health interventions
  • Monitoring methods
Community Matters

Community Participation and Capacity Building

  • Community mobilisation and participation
  • Empowerment interventions and capacity building
  • Health seeking behaviour
  • Health promotion and participation in public health campaigns
Practical Solutions

Health Economy and Social Vulnerability

  • Cost burden of disease
  • Social vulnerability
  • Household health economy
  • Risk factor analysis