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PASS publication in PLoS NTDs describing the economic and social burden of Buruli ulcer disease in Central Cameroon



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Field research

Malaria and Social Vulnerability - Peru.

Malaria in Pregnancy - Burkina Faso

Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Malaria - Gabon

Health Seeking Behaviour for Buruli Ulcer - Cameroon

New Interventions for Forest Malaria - Vietnam

The Cost-effectiveness of Social Interpreting Services - Belgium


Theoretical and background research

Malaria in Pregnancy Publication in PLoS Medicine, based on PASS field research and theoretical analysis:

pdf Malaria in Pregnancy: What Can the Social Sciences Contribute?

Plos Medicine

Malaria and Health Seeking Behaviour: a DCCP Working Paper

pdf Health Seeking Behaviour & the Health System Response

Disease Control Priorities Project

Cofetis Fosovet Immigrants and Refugees in the Health Sector: the Debate on Social Translating and Interpreting Services

"Is the Use of Interpreting Services in the Medical Sector Justified?"

Aids & Africa: Women, Aids and Access to Health Care in Subsaharan Africa. Theoretical Perspectives:

pdf Medical Pluralism in Africa
Medical Pluralism in Africa